Stress-free Christmas Party Prep with Free Spirit Salons

By Lynnie | December 12 2008 | 41 Comments

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For most of us, getting ready for the Work Christmas Party involves frantically trying to put on a daycent face of slap under the horrible lights in the loos and surreptitiously straightening hair at the desk in the far corner of the office. Lasses who work in the IFSC, Citywest, or Sandyford Industrial Estate, however, can swan into one of the Free Spirit salons that are right on their doorsteps and let someone else take care of the prep work.

Lucky wagons.

The Free Spirit chain of salons, which are also in Dundrum, Drogheda and Belfast, aim to be one-stop health and beauty shops, with an emphasis firmly on making the most of what you have. They offer everything from manicures and medi-pedis to gel nails, from eyelash perming and extensions to body treatments, from physical training to nutritional programmes in their Educo Gyms, from highlights and tints to updos and, it seems, feckin’ anything else you care to think of. I took myself off to their IFSC branch for a deluxe Nailtiques manicure and blowdry on the morning of our recent brunch, and then proceeded to spend the rest of the day showing off my fab purple sparkly varnish and swishing my volumised locks all over the gaff.

course, if you wanted to be really Evil Genius about it, you could just zip out of the office for your pre-party pampering on the QT. Then return fabulously coiffed and perfectly done up all ready for your night out, while your colleagues wander around with stripes of unblended blusher and random unstraightened bits of hair at the back of their heads all evening. Heh heh hehhhhh…

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41 Replies to "Stress-free Christmas Party Prep with Free Spirit Salons"

  • Ellie Bellie says:

    I went here for an eyebrow wax recently and my skin was left raw, sore and flaky for days afterwards. I looked hideous!!

  • Jenni says:

    OMG was the wax too hot or did you have a reaction?

  • Ellie Bellie says:

    No no didn’t have a reaction to it. Think it was more the therapist’s technique, was quite rushed and rough which I think damaged the skin a bit. Was blindingly painful too!

  • CB says:

    Have to say I haven’t had great experiences with them – they mixed up my booking entirely for a tan/manicure before a wedding I was going to and I ended up having to ring around other places for a rushed last minute appointment and slso my sis was left waiting for nearly an hour for a massage appointment, which meant that she was so annoyed by the time it started that any relaxation was wasted!

  • Ellie Bellie says:

    I also got a manicure there on the same day. The therapist basically painted little squares of red polish in the middle of my nails and left the rest of it bare. Was the craziest looking manicure I’d ever seen!
    And if that wasn’t bad enough it chipped within an hour and she had filed them so badly that the edges were left really sharp and jagged, so much so that I somehow managed to scratch myself really deeply with them in my sleep!!

  • Atomic_Blonde says:

    Theres one of these places near me, had a look around once as they stock Yonka products and place looked real nice but have never had any treatments there.

    They are not getting to good a review so far anyway!

  • Clarence says:

    Had a bad experience here (dundrum) – manicure left 7 out of ten cuticles cut and bleeding, never again. I refused to pay and the manager threatened to call the gardai!! I told her to go right ahead and she changed her tune after that..

  • Flanners says:

    i’ve gone to the one in city west a few times and its been good, love the yonka facials and the staff were really nice…kinda suprised!

  • Daisy says:

    I was in the Citywest and Dundrum salons and on both occassions had a very pleasant time.
    There is no hair salon in the Dundrum branch but the therapist are fantastic at manicures and gel nails in particular!

    Try again girls and ask for a reccommended therapist!


  • lilly says:

    I used to to go to free spirit in the IFSC for a long time to a therapist called Caroline. She always made me feel so comfortable and gave me excellent treatments. She was so polite, mannerly and kind, I used to look forward to seeing her smiley welcoming face. When I arrived into free spirit in the IFSC expecting to have a treatment with Caroline with whom I had bought a course of laser with I was told to take a seat. I sat there for a half an hour before anyone came near me, then another therapist came along and told me that she would be looking after me. I was given no explanation from the manager at the desk why someone else was looking after me even though I had purchased the course with Caroline. I felt very let down and I will not return to Freespirit in the IFSC. I have been so mistreated by Freespirit in the past and so have alot of my colleagues, from rude employees to unmade appointments etc…, Carolines wonderful care for me was the only reason why I remained to give them my custom. I will not be back. Does anyone know where Caroline has gone to?

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