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Stop de lights: some deodorant revolution facts!

By Aisling | January 11 2008 | 26 Comments

By god there’s been some shakeup in the roll on deodorant market.

Roll ons are now available – in an upside down form! Yes, you might well gasp with wonder and disbelief. But it’s true. The cap will now be on the bottom. And makers are primed to spend over 60 million pounds sterling promoting this new functionality. But what was wrong with the original aul roll on yokes anyway I hear you ask. Well, apparently roll on fans were irritated that they:

  • couldn’t get the last teeny weeny drop of product out of the bottle
  • couldn’t always turn the bottle on its head in an attempt to get every last teeny weeny drop out of it. Because it might leak.
  • sometimes felt the roll-on ball thingy dragging on their pits if it got too dry. (Probably because it was EMPTY and they were just obsessed with getting every last little drop out of it.)

So now Dove, Lynx and Sure are spending somewhere in the region of 65 million big ones to appease these scabby customers. Hokay.

Ah listen I don’t use roll ons that much, so what do I know? If you do, have you tried one of these revolutionary turned upside down ones?

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