So, what’s gonna be at Space NK?

By | October 27 2008 | 35 Comments

space nk

Truly one of the most exciting beauty developments in recent memory, the forthcoming arrival of Space NK at Harvey Nichols in Dundrum on the 31st is marked in my diary as a Most Momentous Day. Brands we’ve lusted after, names we’ve hoped long and hard to get our hands on, plus ranges we’ve never tried will be now available in our fair land. I’m so excited I could squeal!

So, what’s going to be on the shelves?


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35 Replies to "So, what’s gonna be at Space NK?"

  • mindymarillo says:

    O.M.G. i am VERRRRRY excited about this!!! boyf is in prague and had despatched him to space.nk there to get me stuff but he couldnt find it, hurrah for them finally coming to dublin!

  • Admin says:

    mindy – you might be thinking of sephora? There’s no space nk in prague as far as I know anyway!

  • KellBell says:

    Admin – fantastic!! I actually can’t WAIT for space.nk to open

  • Gingerrama says:

    Yeah. Lovely – admittedly, more for wandering around inhaling nice smells, given how much of that stuff is some combination of over-priced, over-rated, or actively irritates the mpre sensitive amongst us …

    But it’s still nice to have nice smells and to see a bit of variety around. Makes Dublin feel less like Moscow in the 1980s. I mean, nice things like SpaceNK are all very well, but it would also be nice to walk into your average shop whenever you like and find more bread than 12 varieties of sliced white. (Oh yes, and then be told “we’re waiting for supplies – sometime in the next two weeks”). Or indeed basic strong flour for baking own bread!!! I’m shocked how often your basic Dunnes/Superquinn/Tesco etc. are out of that. What gives?

    So when do we get a Sephora? And anyone selling Shu Uemura or Anna Sui mascara? Or decent prices relating to what thigs cost anywhere else in the known universe? And nice people giving free coffee, tea, cake, foot-massages etc. in shops, to encourage buying?

    Hmph. Want cake. Going from bread-despair to “let them eat cake.”

  • KellBell says:

    Gingerrama – some of the brands that Space.nk stock, whilst admittedly over-priced, should be ok for sensitive skins – Jurlique and Elemental Herbology and Ina Crystals??!! On the space.nk website they have shu uemura so maybe sometime down the track they might sell it here in Ireland?

  • sweet faith says:

    lucky girls who can get to dundrum easily.i live in limerick and we never get any thing nice even our brown thomas is limited any other limerick gals feel the same?

  • Admin says:

    Shu is on the way – the haircare line and ceremonies launched in the summer and I think 09 is when we might start to see colour cosmetics.

  • KellBell says:

    Sweet Faith – you Limerick girls have Alchemist Earth! That has Suki and some other lovely natural ranges that we can’t get in Dublin ;)

  • Admin says:

    you also have bliss and the oxygen facial, and we don’t have that!

  • mindymarillo says:

    Oh lord admin, i had googled to see was space nk in prague and must ve misread whatever came up.. the poor guy went on quite a walk to find it and couldnt… no wonder!! should i confess?!

  • hipntrendy says:

    I’m always kind of overwhelmed when I go into these types of stores. I always wander around Sephora looking at everything and going ‘I’ve never even heard of this brand before’ – which is probably 75% of the store.

    I have an Ulta near my house and the same thing happens in there, though not quite to the extent of Sephora. They carry more ‘mainstream’ products that you can get in more normal stores (Target, CVS, Safeway/grocery stores, etc.).

  • Chica says:

    I’d rather Sephora came back *shakes fist at Sephora* or even bloody shipped here!
    I live in the north of sunny England and my few experiences of Space NK (bar NARS which I loooove) have been that their products are way overpriced and their staff are rude, unhelpful & have no knowledge of the products they’re selling.
    Come back Sephora, ye bastards!

  • KellBell says:

    Chica – Ireland is well used to over-priced so space.nk wil fit in perfectly to Dublin! I generally know what i want when i go into skincare shops so i’m not looking for the staff to tell me about the products – i like to look, and unfortunately buy, what i want anyway

  • Gingerrama says:

    Good news that Shu’s *useful* stuff is coming our way – sorry, have no time for their hair stuff (just look at the ingredients lists if they let you! rip-off of the millenium) let alone all the “rituals” nonsense. I mean, this is the 21st century, not the Middle Ages. Plus, no-one would have believed such sympathetic magic superstitious mumbo-jumbo back then … err, with all possible due respect, like Jurlique!!!

  • Admin says:

    ginger – puh, I dunno, I’ve used a lot of it now and the styling products in particular are incredibly good. They work. Plus the move to treat hair like skin is welcome in my book, and while I don;t buy into the cermonial buzz either, in practice the rituals are lovely. Relaxing and therapeutic, you come out all shiny and calm and it’s a nice experience.

  • KellBell says:

    Ginger – are you saying that Jurlique is ‘sympathetic magic superstitious mumbo-jumbo’? :lol: Haven’t heard it described as that before, but i think i get your point!

  • baby in a corner says:

    i love space nk. i spent an hour in the one in belfast browsing. i got a lovely own brand sleepyhead candle and caudalie cleanser.

    speaking of which i am so sick of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE being overpriced here. i got a dr hauschka moisturiser which was €18 in germany but €27 here. also saw the caudalie cleanser for €10 in france but i paid €18 roughly in belfast. same for phyto haircare which i love.

  • xgirl says:

    I can’t wait for the Lipstick Queen and By Terry stuff! So exciting :)

  • Sunshine says:

    Laura Mercier is the only brand I’ve heard of before!!!

  • Pixie says:

    Ginger- I hear you with the magic mumbo jumbo of jurlique!! overpriced “natural” crap that does NOTHING that it promises in my expierience.

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