Sarah Palin: An unlikely icon?

By Lynnie | October 14 2008 | 10 Comments


We’ve wondered about her lip liner, gabbed about her helmet hair, and even spotted her spittin’ image lurking on this very site, but now I have a bit of an out-there proposition for you.

Whatever you make of her politics/family life/religious beliefs and irrespective of how freakin’ scary the thought of herself and McCain in The White House, is Sarah Palin an inspiration to glasses wearers?

I heard on d’wireless last week that loads of stores in the States are actually sold out of Sarah-stylee rimless specs, and ABC News has reported that the manufacturers of her $375 frames are snowed under with frantic requests from stockists looking to get in multiple replicas of the exact pair that she sports.

Now, admittedly, she probably believes that contact lenses are evil and laser eye surgery is the work of Satan himself, but it’s pretty unusual for a woman of such a high profile to keep her specs on at all times. So part of me thinks fair fecks. (The other part of me thinks she’s just wearing them because she reckons they make her look like she’s got smarts.)

Anyways, best get hunting for a pair now to really finish off your Halloween costume before the shortage hits our shores…

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10 Replies to "Sarah Palin: An unlikely icon?"

  • ams says:

    lol apparently Lindsay Lohan is gonna dress up as the palin for halloween!

  • roxette says:

    I HEARD THat too ams. Her girlfriend is dressing up as mr palin :)

  • Admin says:

    I think it’s all about palin this year. Amy winehouse was the costume du jour in 07, Palin’s great for 08.

  • pinkmini says:

    u can get her glasses on they wayyy cheaper than gettin glasses here! pradas for just 250!

  • cathyfly says:

    Ah stop I thought I was the only one with this brainwave!!

  • Speccy says:

    God, no! I have rimless specs and I want to get a new pair, like yesterday, because I’m afraid people may feel I’ve been inspired by Mrs Scary P. Altho, since I’ve had mine for over 3 years I’m due a change anyway, but I’d have drifted on, not noticing, for donkeys until yer woman came around. Now I just look like a hallowe’en costume… Thank God for contacts!!

  • hipntrendy says:

    ugh, i hate her glasses. i prefer statement glasses, something funky that not everyone wears. my favorite frames are from anne et valentin. I have two pair that I like to swap out. One is metal, brown, with pink on the inside, and the other are acetate, black, with lime green on the inside. Loads of compliments and i love the fact that I don’t see other people wearing them. :D


  • ams says:

    i just saw a “sexy” sarah palin pic that looks like the cover of a porno on (not really safe for work) – it was to be expected though!

  • MontyC says:

    Jesus no 8O

    I wear glasses and all that women makes me want to do is take my chew off and slap her over the head with it

  • BBG says:

    Hehe!! Before a hard meeting or an interview I always put on my glasses to look smarter and it does work!! :) I know it’s kinda unfair, but I think it’s fun and harmless, like impressing a male interviewer. Waaay easier than a female one, I’ve always found.

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