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By Lynnie | May 7 2008 | 47 Comments


Ah, we’ve been waiting for months and months and months for a birrov sunshine to warm our lives, and now at last it looks like the lazy hazy days of summer are here to stay. (That is to say that the three-day forecast from Met Éireann is warm and sunny. But that’s good enough for me!)

Summer’s great, isn’t it? The traffic’s lighter. Everything looks so much prettier in a slant of sunlight. The deliciously evocative scent of cut grass lingers in the air. There’s a promise of better things to come.

And – yay! – Choc Ices and Twisters and Loop The Loops and 99s are a go.

Now, in order to make sure that everyone has a shot at a dry and fresh-smelling summer, let’s have your recommendations for best deodorant. Quick!

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47 Replies to "Rate it: Best deodorant"

  • GracieBear says:

    Mitchum is defin the best. The roll-on takes ages to dry though, but the spray and solid version are the biz. Sanex Extra Control comes a close second, better value too, Boots have an extra large bottle of it for about 3.50e

  • hockeysticks says:

    i dunno about deodorant but SOLEROs are the best summer ice creams :)

  • Meluia says:

    I’ve tested a good few in Hot Yoga

    Soft and Gentle is the best antiperspirant and smells nice for longer.

    Nivea is the worst with Dove a close second worst

  • Lynnie Lynnie says:

    Oooooh hockeysticks – controversial!!!

    I wish they’d bring back Fat Frogs (again), they were my favourite summer ice cream eva.

  • Gracie says:

    Yep, I second Mitchum. I seem to need heavier duty deos and this one almost cuts it in terms of keeping me dry. The rest are just pretty smells.

  • bunnybun says:

    Hate spray deo…. hate it hate it!
    So,it has to be Roll on! Mitchum is ok, but my fave is SURE in cool blue. It went off the shelves for a few months and I was not impressed, but its back and better than ever…

  • Twinkletoes says:

    I would defo say Mitchum Solid. The only one I’ve found that actually works!!

  • Cleopatra says:

    Mitchum does not seem to work for me anymore. Have been using it for about 4 years now, and noticed this year, its not as good. Might move over to the stick and try it. My office is like a sauna and we all hate having the air con on, as its an old system, and not as clean as the newer ones, we all end up sick from it!

  • GossipGal says:

    I second Mitchum. Am using the smart solid as it uas on the reduced shelf in Boots. Am VERY impressed. Went to the gym yesterday. There was wet patches but no smell. All yesterday I was dry up to going to the gym. Really recomend this to ppl

  • Meluia says:

    I find Mitchum isn’t a good antiperspirant but there’s no smell when you do sweat.

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