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Rate it: 2008

By Aisling | December 31 2008 | 20 Comments

best of 2008

New Years Eve! The last day of 2008.

Yesterday we were rating the best of beauty in 2008 – but today we’re rating the entire year and all its events.

It’s been an Annus horribilis for the Irish economy. Did anything good happen to us as a nation? Erm no, nothing springs to mind instantly. The financial sector hit the sewers, we had a horrible budget, rising unemployment, the (overinflated) housing market had a sharp and shocking correction and the bottom fell out of the construction industry.

But what happened to you personally this year that you’ll remember? Perhaps you passed exams you hadn’t expected to, discovered the wonders of motorised mascara, got asked out by a movie star, finally tracked down a decent hairdresser, fell in love for the first time, or found your dream job.

What were your standout moments (good or bad).

2008: Rate it!

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