Products of Yore: Astral

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Remember Astral, ladies? Yer ma might have had it – it was a moisturiser that came in a blue tub that was more functional than pretty.

Hang on though, I don’t know why I’m referring to it in the past tense, because IT NEVER WENT AWAY! Nope, we all moved on, found new and better things, while poor auld Astral languished on the shelves of rural pharmacies, along with bath cubes and hairnets. They might have re-jigged the packaging a wee bit – see left – but we know it’s still got the same stuff inside.

I have a friend who swears by Astral though, as does reader Betty, who told us that “I’ve pretty dry skin and a friend tipped me off to Astral which is so cheap that most people would ignore it! But it’s a rich nightcream which I find leaves my skin lovely and dewy in the morning”. How’s that for praise, eh?

Get all retro and get your own for under a fiver – bargain!

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17 Replies to "Products of Yore: Astral"

  • Christine says:

    My mother has used this stuff for years and nothing else and she has the best skin – not one wrinke at almost 60!! It’s worth a try!

  • Aphrodite says:

    Patsy Kensit swears by it too (or so she says)

  • Admin says:

    it’s meant to be amazing for really dry skins

  • kelly says:

    i hate the smell of it tho..used to keep my mála in it when in primary school or a ponds one!

  • Aphrodite says:

    I got a FAB moisturiser yesterday for dry skin – the one you were telling me about kirstie – seavite – will blog about it next week!

  • Ladyelle says:

    I remember this in my nanny’s house when I was younger ! mam had it as well and I used to rob it on her my skin tends to get very dry in patches……:)

  • Evanna Roche says:

    Hmmmm, poor Patsy was looking quite rough in Holby the other night! Bu then maybe she was meant to be as she’s only just recovered from an attack by an arrow wielding maniac!

  • fifi says:

    I have got really dry skin and swear by the Original Nivea in the blue tub…. :grin:

  • Annie says:

    I have a tub of Astral in my bathroom that I dip into on occasion, when my skin is reeeeally dry. Usually I just use e45 – very boring but does the job nicely!

  • CarolineJ says:

    My friend has really dry skin and she thinks Lush’s Dream Cream is the biz, that or Aveeno

  • Pearl says:

    Don’t forget Anne French make-up remover. Only about €3.50 in your local chemist. Highly recommended.

  • Townygirl says:

    i quite like this stuff, i use it now and again on my elbows hehe, seriously

    i’ve been using vaseline moisture lock stuff for my body, it’s brilliant.

  • Seavite is meant to be really good!!!my mother uses it but I havent..It was set up by my old primary school principle, the most glamorous teacher I have ever seen, still is gorgeous looking!

  • Princess Buttercup says:

    I’ll never be convinced about it. The smell turns me off. I think most of these ladies probably led vice-less lives and that’s the real reason they’re wrinkle-free.

  • Flame says:

    My mum uses it and have a tub in my room at the min – is good for dry spots or hands etc!

  • sparkle says:

    My mam has been using it since way back in the day and is very loyal customer to the brand..her monthly tub runs out away quiker since iv started using it now too..i think its the best ever and doesnt dry in as quick as others do!!

  • Betty says:

    lol Aphrodite, are you implying that Patsty Kensit’s complexion might NOT be purely down to Astral?? Glad to see so many people like it – awww I have an affection for it. And they have a cool, little message on the tin foil top inside each jar – my most recent one was “Astral, loved by celebrities – affordable for you”. How fab. By the way, I’ve used Seavite shower gel/body wash a few times – it’s lovely – the scent and the texture. So I’ll be interested to hear what the moisturiser is like.

    Pearl, I always used Anne French in school and that brings back memories too. Don’t know why I stopped using it.

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