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Oh Mammy: New Venus Breeze is AWEmazing

By | February 18 2008 | 9 Comments

venus breezeEven though I’ve only used it the wance, the brand-new Venus Breeze razor is getting placed in the ‘can’t live without’ category. Praise indeed, and why does it deserve the placement?

It’s simply bluddy brillo, that’s why. The razor-head has built-in flexible shaving gel bars, so you don’t need any extra product. While shaving foam is lovely and emollient, it can also make it really hard to see what you’re doing, so shaving can take an age. With the Venus Breeze, you don’t get the whole santy’s beard leg, and the gel on the razor head is still moisturising enough that there’s no drag.

That all adds up to an in-shower shaving experience that’s quick, easy and totally deadly. Price? A daycent €11.99 for the razor plus one cartridge, but here comes the one downside. The price of the refills. Bah. This really annoys me – €12.99 for a pack of 4 is what you’ll pay when you need to top up.

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