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Muttugly: beauty for cool cats and discerning dogs

By Aisling | September 30 2008 | 60 Comments

spa dogs

We love the azimals here at And when we see pampering treats for them it just makes us go awwww.

Located in Dublin 2 Muttugly is a spa, a beauty salon and a creche for the ones who love you unconditionally. Along with the normal grooming treatments they also offer crazy colouring for special occasions. Although pink and blue are the most popular choices (see above) they can dye your little treasures just about any colour. And do a mean pedicure.

Day care in the doggy creche for small dogs and puppies means you don’t have to worry about the new addition to the family when you have to go to work. Because work is obviously essential to keep little Fluffy in jeweled collars and Louis Vuitton carry cases and the like.

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