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By Lynnie | November 4 2008 | 13 Comments


Cool, crisp days. Ever darkening evenings of fog and frost. Ah yes, we’re into Movember alright.

I haven’t lost me marbles altogether – the month’s been rechristened by the Movember Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation based in Australia which encourages the sponsored growing of mustaches during November to increase awareness of men’s health issues, especially prostate cancer, around the globe. In Ireland, the Movember Foundation partner with the Irish Cancer Society and funds raised here are donated directly to the charity. Any men who fancy channeling their inner Tom Selleck should click here for more details and to register.

Now Willie, Marty and my da (not pictured) are all people who wear the tache just as well as Tom, but I think we’d be in fairly unanimous agreement that this is something that is best left to the blokes. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t seem to have copped that quite yet, the silly wagon, meaning that some laydees – particularly those with darker hair like Florence above – will find that they too need to tend to their upper lip zone. I’m in the ranks of that elite group, having taken a razor to the area on several occassions when I was aged nearly-old-enough-to-know-better.

There are a number of ways to tackle a lady ronnie: provided you’re not too sallow- or dark-skinned or have very thick hairs, bleaching is probably the cheapest, easiest and most pain-free option. You’ll find bleach for facial hair skulking around the shelf with the home wax kits and depilatory creams in your local chemist or supermarket, and some manufacturers like Jolen do a version for sensitive skins. The other course of action for home treatment is waxing: you can buy packets of short, skinny, pre-loaded wax strips specifically for home facial waxing. Great fun! You can opt to have that waxing done by a pro for about €10-15, or have the area threaded for about €15-18. And if you really want shot of that pesky lip warmer on a more permanent basis, you could always look into having it lasered (prices vary, but expect to pay in or around €500 for the full course of treatments to get rid.)

So oodles of options there – whatever you do, just don’t make my mistake of deciding to shave!

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13 Replies to "Mustache-y musings"

  • dellie says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm! Tom Selleck!!! deeeeelish!

  • Tiddles says:

    Word of warning – do not eppilate it. My mam did that a few years back and her face was a mess for days and days after!

  • red mum says:

    Laser only works for darker hair, fair-haired women with more down on their top lip than they’d like, have to look at other methods.

    Threading is brilliant for both eyebrows and ahem anything else, its less dragging than wax (particularly around the gentle eye area) and amazing to watch.

    Course if you go in with madly unkempt eyebrows/lip, it probably will hurt a bit. BUT if you are a regular, the less they have to do, and with shorter hair – the less it hurts.

  • hockeysticks says:

    ISPCC are also doing a Tache-for-Cash fundraiser during movember ..
    Laser works great, its around €80 a session on Brazillia and most people need a max of 6 over a 6-8 month period.

  • shining star says:

    my husband and dad are doing Movember! There isn’t much sign of anything growing in our household yet but I think in a few days I’ll have a 70s porn star living with me!

    I wouldn’t mind giving the laser treatment a go…

  • DeeDee says:

    is threading more painful than waxing?

  • Gingerrama says:

    Killing two birds with one stone:

    Can we declare December the month for experimenting on hair-removal treatments on all these men who’ve been doing Mr Movember – so we can gauge what works best and fastest and least painfully, but on them?

    Maybe we could declare December to be De-movember?

    (Tashes makes me shudder. Not in a nice way. Sorry. If my man even threatens to do this, I’ll sedate him and cart him off for forcible permanent depilation.)

  • January musings says:

    I have heard that about electrolysis is less painful an has better results than laser.

    Second opinions anyone? Any Dublin addresses?

  • sonas says:

    Girlies, firsttime blogger badly in need of advice.As a dark haired european I have struggled with unwanted hair all my life but have managed to tame the ‘tache til now with Jolen. For some cruel reason this year it seems to have thickened to unrivaled Magnum PI proportions.Cos I’ve bleached it for years it is too light for laser and I have long been too scared to wax cos what do you do between waxes??? walk around with a spiky lip and have him leave me screaming??This site has brought me the joy of crest whitestips and mama mio. Help me as possibly the latest person ever to address the hairy caterpillar.what do I do to maintain baby soft skin from a rural town where threading leads to embroidery!!!

  • shivers says:

    sonas you poor thing, you sound so stressed by this! I know the feeling though, being sallow of skin and dark of hair leads an almost paranoid state of when it comes to facial hair! My solution: I bought a wax pot a few years ago for only €50, refill wax and strips cost about €10 and I only have to buy them every few months. It’s more than earned its money worth at this stage!! Sometimes I get away with up to 4/5 weeks, but I usually feel more comfortable waxing every 2-3 weeks, and in between I just tweeze a couple of the more noticeable darker hairs (sounds sore but it’s just a couple and it’s worth it!). Hope this helps! :D

  • sonas says:

    sorry for delayed reply work gets in the way – heading for the plunge waxeards – will report back !!

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