Guinness World Record Attempt: Raising the bra for breast cancer awareness

By Lynnie | July 30 2008 | 11 Comments


You know the Granny pants section of the underwear drawer that we like to pretend doesn’t exist, what with us all being saucy knickers-and-bra-always-coordinated vixens? Well, if you have an ould bra or three knocking about in there among the Spanx and odd socks, why not pull them out into the light and give them their five minutes of fame! Send them on to partake in a glorious November attempt to break the world record for longest unbroken bra chain, currently held by Cyprus with 114,000 bras.

The Irish endeavour is the brainchild of Mayo Cancer Support Association and Cancer Care West, which provide care and support to cancer patients and their friends and families in the West. They aim to collect at least 120,000 bras by November and hook them all together to form an unbroken chain which will be more than 70 miles long.

It’s hoped that people will send a donation of even €1 with each bra to aid these voluntary, not-for-profit groups while heightening breast cancer awareness. They’re looking for all shapes and sizes of over the shoulder boulder holders from anywhere in the world, and rest assured that they don’t mind what colour they are or if the underwire is banjaxed!

To get involved, send your bras and donations to:
Cancer Care West,
University College Hospital Galway,
Mayo Cancer Support Centre,
Rock Rose House,
32 St. Patricks Avenue,
Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

For more information on either of the organisations, check out or

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