Galway Girls: get a free Bare Minerals makeover at Natural Serentity

By Aisling | June 19 2008 | 24 Comments


Tar-ump tar-ump!

It’s the craze that’s sweeping through makeup bags everywhere. Makeup so pure you can sleep in it.* Read Kirstie’s review here.

Bare Escentuals i.d. BareMinerals makeup has at last arrived in the Whest. In Natural Serentity in Galway to be precise. And to celebrate, their professional makeup artists are offering you the chance to call in and get made over for free. Try out the range and learn how to use it with no obligation to buy.

Now there have been many imitators, but this is the original mineral makeup and devotees swear it’s the best.

Sound good?

Call 091 864286 to make your appointment or call into Natural Serenity (1 Rockfort House, Augustine St, Galway). This offer lasts until the end of July.

*Though recommends you take it off anyway. Don’t want yis to be getting into bad habits.

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24 Replies to "Galway Girls: get a free Bare Minerals makeover at Natural Serentity"

  • mcq says:

    Oh, nice tip girls. I know where this is, but have never gone in. Will make an appointment.

  • littlemisswonders says:

    Definately making an appointment, wanted to get my make up done for Saturday anyways…yay!

  • sweetie says:

    O wow, sounds good! Must get myself into Galway city one of these weekends. been thinking of tryin this anyway!

  • littlemisswonders says:

    Booked in for this on Saturday, have a 21st to go to that night…

  • littlemisswonders says:

    does mineral make up last long?

  • GracieBear says:

    Thanks for the heads up, booked in for next Thursday, want to suss it out before going to America for hols in Aug where it is so much cheaper.

  • Glimmer says:

    Bare Minerals Make-up lasts a really long time. I wear it everyday and it last for the full day. The prices have come down in the last month. The Gloss I love went from 33euro to 24euro….not bad!

  • Harto says:

    littlemisswonders I find it will last longer than a liquid foundation. Does need a bit of a touch up if you want it to last all day but defo better than liquids!

  • becks says:

    Natural Serentity in Galway is a great place. It does Aveda as well and have evenings. I would ask for an appoitment cos I’d love to try mineral make up but I intend having a hangover on sat.

    Eliz C also stock Bare Minerals – I saw it in the window when I was having coffey.

  • littlemisswonders says:

    oh thats good so, I’ve an appointment for five and won’t be at the 21st till after eight so once it will last a good while I’m happy!

  • Hennybug says:

    I’ve just booked for 2.30 tomorrow – this site will get great kudos from them :)

  • mcq says:

    There’s a lot of us in Galway, isn’t there? Maybe we should arrange a tea and cupcakes meet sometime. :) I was in Sam Baileys on Saturday ( late afternoon and was struck by the stylish girls chatting with their mates.

  • Lynnie says:

    Mmmmm… cuuuuupcaaaaaakes…

  • Admin says:

    you guys should! and someone can take pix and we can do a post on it!!

  • littlemisswonders says:

    there is alot in Galway…maybe all the beauts should come to Galway for Ladies day :wink:

  • mcq says:

    Blogging meet-ups are pretty common. Have none of the ladies here done it? Have there not been any Beaut(iful) Meets? Really, that should be remedied.

    It’s always nice to have an excuse to eat cupcakes.

  • Admin says:

    mcq, of course, but just not in galway. we do brunches periodically in dublin.

  • mcq says:

    Brunches, eh? Sounds delicious. :)

  • Hennybug says:

    The lemon muffins (could be giant cupcakes) in Sam Baileys almost had me doing a Meg Ryan first time i tasted them :)

  • Admin says:

    mcq – yup, which reminds me, we should do one soon!

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