Pretty Parfum from Dianne Brill

By Lynnie | January 25 2008 | 5 Comments

dianne brill

Fans of Dianne Brill will be thrilled silly to hear that her first fragrance is now available in Clery’s beauty emporium. Exclusively available, if you don’t mind.

‘Slip It On’ is described as being “like no other perfume” and “very distinctive” and, like all her products, the packaging is cute ‘n’ kitsch. This time around, what look like vintage cigar boxes have been pressed into service, each one ensconcing a fishnet-clad bottle.

And the damage? €89 for a 60ml EDP. Good job the end of the financial wasteland that is January is in sight!

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5 Replies to "Pretty Parfum from Dianne Brill"

  • Admin says:

    I’m pretty sure this is in nue blue eriu too

  • Sarah says:

    Saw this in Clerys a few weeks ago – Packaging is gorgeous, not so sure about the actual fragrance though!

  • Betty says:

    Yeah I have to agree with you, Sarah – the scent is a bit naff. Also, I wouldn’t agree with the promotion of the packaging as being distinctive – it’s very glam alright but I thought it was Christina Aguilera’s perfume at first with the bleached blonde hair and fishnet stocking motif on the bottle. It doesn’t look like the usual Dianne Brill stuff. But I actually think Christina’s perfume smells nicer – considering it’s a celebrity one!

    Speaking of celebrity perfumes, while in Clerys, I also saw a fabulous gift set of Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds for €22.50 – I was SO tempted as the bottles would look so 80s glam on a dressing-table but the perfume is absolutely rank. Still, is has such kitsch value…

  • Jennifer says:

    where can I find this perfume in Florida? It smells really good!!

  • Lynnie says:

    Hi Jennifer, take a peek here – it’s a list of Diane Brill stockists, there might be one near you or perhaps you could order it online?

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