Estee Lauder Lip Gloss Pencils

By | March 11 2008 | 6 Comments

lip gloss pencil Ooh, J’adore Estee Lauder’s new Lip Shaping Gloss Pencils, part of their Pure White Linen Spring Colour Collection.

Naturally enough, I went straight for the lusciously bright Sheer Fuschia shade – very me, and conveniently, very this season too.

€20 gets you a gorgeous, smooth and shiny pencil that’s completely wearable on its own, but you can layer gloss or lipstick over it too, should you so desire.

I’m rocking it solo though – it gives a lovely wash of moisturising colour – and my only worry is I’m going to run out of it pretty soon, the rate I’ve been paring it down at.

If pink isn’t your thang, fear not. The pencils come in 6 wearable shades, so there should be something to suit most tastes. Be warned – this is a limited edition product, so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Yikes – I’d better stock up on a few more Sheer Fuschia pencils, so!

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6 Replies to "Estee Lauder Lip Gloss Pencils"

  • MontyC says:

    I’m lovin’ the colour!

  • Sar says:

    Looks v nice,but would you get a sharpener with it?/ I prsume not. I just find with pencils, if a sharpener isnt inbuilt (Clarins black eyeliner pencil) or included in the packaging (Chanel black eyeliner pencil)I go taking chunks out of em!!

  • liitlesis says:

    Oh my, this is fabulous… I love the pink!

  • Annie says:

    Ooo that looks loooovely.

  • Flame says:

    How does the gloss work in a pencil? Is it more like a glossy lipstick? I seem to be noticing Estee Lauder a good bit more these days – got the double wear which is lovely for special wear and tried their foamy face wash too which is v nice.

  • Admin says:

    well it’s like a lip pencil but it’s not matte, there’s a shine to it, so you can wear it solo. It doesn’t come with a parer, no. I have a good one from MAC and I reckon if you have a lot of pencils, it’s a good investment to make.

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