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Dark Knight Beauty Special, Part 1

By | July 22 2008 | 22 Comments

joker makeup

What with all the brouhaha surrounding the imminent opening of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight, I thought it timely that we do a couple of drooling posts on Christian Bale some of the more interesting makeup in the film.There’s a lovely pic of Christian up there for you to feast your eyes on, but today, Matthew, lets turn our attention to how to achieve the special maquillage of the Joker. It takes a particular type of Homer Simpson-style makeup gun to look this dishevelled, so lets see if we can work out how they did it.

Step 1. Refuse to wash hair for at least a decade.

Step 2. Never exfoliate. Ever.

Step 3. Apply liberal dosage of Sudocrem over scaly, horrible skin

Step 4. Place some coal dust onto table top, and then fall face first into it.

Step 5. Using photo of Robert Smith as inspiration, apply red lipstick without the aid of a mirror. Rub back of hand across mouth in a back and forth manner, several times.

Step 6. Voila! You’re done. Now sally forth and behave in an evil, Batman-hindering manner.

Tomorrow: How to get your fella as groomed as Bruce Wayne. Scrubbing brushes, bleach and garden shears optional.


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