Blather: Friday

By Aisling | May 2 2008 | 234 Comments

blather14.jpgHurrah – it’s a Bank Holiday Friday!

In case there’s anyone who doesn’t know yet.  That 20% off Brown Thomas voucher that landed in your inbox during the week is a fake.  It’s no good.  It won’t work.  In short it’s the cruelest joke ever played on Irish womenhood.


234 Replies to " Blather: Friday"

  • belle says:

    morning ladies.
    lucky bank holiday girls.
    got my lemon detox stuff today. not sure when ill start it, but it will be soon. wish me luck! ;)

  • Ribbongirl says:

    Best of luck belle! I don’t get a bank holiday, my uni still holds lectures on bank holiday Mondays! I don’t *actually* have lectures on Mondays any more, but it’s the principal of the thing! :D

  • belle says:

    haha ribbon. thanks. what are you studying?

  • Holly GoLightly says:

    Oooo, just went onto It says the site is now closed!

    Morning all, and good luck belle!

  • Ribbongirl says:

    Belle- I have the utmost admiration for anyone who can detox. I love food too much to do it! I’m studying French and Philosophy. I’m in my second year, so I’m off to France in September, to be an assistant in Caen.

  • Ruth says:

    morning ladies..another lovely morning..could we be getting a summer??hope i havent jinxed glad its a bank holiday..cant wait for long lie ins..hurray!!

  • belle says:

    thanks holly!
    gosh a lot of ladies are going to be gutted!
    any one any suggestions on a costume I can make out of my own clothes??? last minute invite (well told at last minute it was a costume party)to a costume party and no idea what to wear!
    no big deal if i don have anything she said, but fun to make an effort. have a brown cord trilby im thinking of working…but beyond that…. ;)

  • Cleopatra says:

    Morning girlies ,

    what a lavhly morning. Dont think its meant to stay like this tho… am in work on MOnday, Bo, but i do get 3 days pay, which is not the worst thing in the world…

  • morning-noonan-night says:

    hey everyone!
    sorry to be bothering ye with stupid questions but does anyone know where i can buy Dermalogica pre-clense around Grafton st?? I want to buy it at lunch time and this is the easiest spot to get to.


  • Ribbongirl says:

    belle- A couple of years ago, I held a 1940s themed party, and my sister came as a reporter. If you can get your hands on some braces, all you’d need is a suit (man’s one if poss, although I appreciate that it might be a bit big!), and you can just stick the hat on at a rakish angle. Wear some nice heels with said suit, and fashion a “Press” sign, either a small one to be worn on the hat, or something you could clip to the suit. Shirt needs to be white. Again, a man’s shirt works surprisingly well, as it can be tucked in, giving a more streamlined/’40s look. If you do decide to go for this, you can also have excellent make-up to go with!

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