Bah, Just WHY Are Mens’ Razors so Much Better Than Womens’?

By | September 22 2008 | 19 Comments

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I still stand by my declaration that the Venus Divine is the best women’s razor I’ve ever used. We all know though, in our secret girly hearts, that we’re being sold madly short, and that lad’s razors are truly the way to go.

I generally la-la-la-la that right out of my head though, as otherwise himself would have permanently blunt blades and I’d be in the doghouse. But the other week, I’d no Divine refills left, and legs like a hairy molly. Himself generously offered the loan of his Fusion.”Oh wow!”, I exclaimed,”that’s so nice of you”. “Ah yer grand”, he replied, “the blade needs changing anyway”.

Relationships, eh? They give with one hand, and they take with the other.

Anyway, even though by his standards it was blunty McBlunt, by mine it had the keen edge of a Samurai sword,  or one of Batman’s Ninja Star yokes. It zipped up and down, razing and deforesting, and the shave it gave was so close I couldn’t feel a whit of stubble afterwards. Gobsmacked, I was. Blown down with a feather, I was even silenced for a minute or two – no mean feat.

Sigh. There it sits in his cabinet now, teasing me with its prowess, speed and efficiency, while I’m back to my Venus, trying all the while to convince myself that it’s just as good…

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19 Replies to "Bah, Just WHY Are Mens’ Razors so Much Better Than Womens’?"

  • hockeysticks says:

    i use a mach 3 … nothing else has ever come close .. i hate those Venus have been left with scars after using them … mens razors can be used in the shower with no fear .. and blades last for ages and if I run out the live-in-lover uses the same ones so they are there to be pilfered !! its a win win situation :)

  • Lin says:

    I’ve been nicking from my Dad’s and boyfriend’s stashes of disposable razors for ages- they are soooo much better and stay sharp for longer…

  • Firesuite says:

    A friend mentioned to me that Mach 3’s were the bomb, after accidentally discovering it in a emergency de-stubbling session at some fella’s house.

    I bought myself one in Penneys, STILL cheaper than the venus, and I’m defo a convert now. Not even one nick yet and sooo smooth, why did I not learn this sooner??

  • Áine says:

    Girls, The Mach 3 blades fit the Venus razor – its the way forward. Good value for a pack of 12 in Boots

  • Ruth says:

    ah ladies dont be saying that, i just bought a venus and two packs of blades(they were on offer) after years of being a diposable razor girl..should a bought a mens one?? booo..

  • Firesuite says:

    Oooh handy to know about the blades fitting the Venus, I always end up losing the important bits somehow.

    And yep – Penneys! I sometimes stock up on the basics in the section at the back of the O’Connell Street store, cotton wool, razors etc, usually find it’s good value!

  • didn’t even know they did that…

  • Aphrodite says:

    oh I didn’t know that either Aine

  • Lynnie says:

    I’d usually have used decent bloke’s disposables anyway (used to find the dark green Wilkinsons very good!) but had to nick Himself’s Fusion Power when we went to Monart last year & I’d neglected to do me pins… Holy God, it’s brilliant.

    Er, I mean it *was* brilliant. I mean, it’s not like I’m sneakily using it the odd time when the blue strip is worn off the top of a blade so I’m less likely to get caught :twisted:

  • Annie says:

    Aine that’s great news – a sharp razor that looks pretty too? *girly sigh*

  • becks says:

    I’ve never used the fusion even though I won one here (gave it to my brother) but did use the mac 3 and yes it was the business and way cheaper.

    I don’t shave legs anymore cos of ingrown hairs but whwn I did I always used the mac 3’s.

  • Admin says:

    I am going to co-opt himselfs razor next time he buys the new, fancy version (he ALWAYS buys the new, fancy version)

    then it will be MINE! ALL MINE!

  • Emmsie says:

    I have the pretty pink Venus handle and a great big Mach 3 blade on it. Means the boyf and I don’t get confused in the shower! Does anyone know if those 5 blade heads (the new Gilette ones) fit a Mach 3/Venus handle?

  • Admin says:

    Emmsie – just tried it and no. BAH!

  • Zie says:

    I’m sick of spending the best part of ten eurons on blades that are pretty much useless after one go. I’ve been using the Wilkinson Sword lady quattro for ages, found it better than the Venus (regular original pink one) but I’m now intrigued and will be swiping one of my brother’s razor blades next time I get the chance. My dad uses an electric razor but, I’ve never been tempted by that :)

  • Dobby says:

    Oh I love mens razors. Luckily the boyf isn’t too bad about letting me steal his, but I think I might just get one of my own when I run out of Venus blades.

    I thought I was going mad when I thought my blade had dulled after just a few uses…obviously not! Phew…

  • Eimear says:

    Thanks for the advice – spent 11.99 on 4 venus blades in local shop the other day because I only remembered them last minute. I’ll be getting the nice manly mach 3’s in future and sticking them onto my nice girly venus handle!

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