Why Use a Night Cream?

By Beaut.ie | January 15 2007 | 47 Comments

moonWe’re always being told to use night cream, and how important it is that we do. But you could be easily forgiven for not knowing exactly why you should be doing this.

Yep, I know we’re told that ‘night time is when skin rejuvinates’ but like – eh, why? Why night time?

I have the answer! It’s basically because at night, it’s dark. Doh, ok, so far so obvious. But your skin gets a break from UV rays at night and so it can concentrate on rebuilding and regenerating. And it needs moisture to do that – hence the emphasis on using a good night cream which will provide that essential moisture. So it’s not just marketing fluff – there is a genuinely good reason behind using one.

As well as that, the skin does most of its hard regenerating work between the hours of 10pm and 2am (I wonder does it knows about the clocks going back and forward, eh?) so even if you don’t go to bed till 12, try and get your night cream on your face earlier and you’ll see the benefits.

Tell us in a comment what your favourite night cream is!

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47 Replies to "Why Use a Night Cream?"

  • sarah says:

    Thats very interesting to know!!

    Ive been using St. Ives night cream, it is quite rich and I feel it suits my skin, I always use an eye cream too at night but its not a special night one..its the one i use in the morning too… a lovely Vichy one..not sure of name off hand..got it for a present at xmas!

  • cathyfly says:

    OK, I’m convinced, I need a night cream! i usually just use my normal moisturiser (Dermalogica Skin Smoothing cream) at night as well as in the morning, maybe using a bit more at night.

    Have tried a few night creams over the years but i always found them too heavy and greasy, but i’d obviously just never found the right one.

    So all recommendations gratefully accepted!

  • sarah says:

    I find Laboratoire Garnier have nice night creams..you would definately find one that wouldnt be too rich in their reasonable collection…

  • sarah says:

    Cathyfly, ROC also do a light night cream , its meant to be great for fighting off the lines and wrinkles!!

  • Fiona says:

    What about the Dr. Hauschka theory that you shouldn’t use any cream or anything on your face at night time to let the skin “re-balance” itself? Does anyone find that this works?

  • Aphrodite says:

    Yeah nightcream is a tricky one. Wouldn’t go to bed without it mind but i can’t tell you the number of greasy heavy creams I’ve thrown out in disgust over the years. At the moment I love Molton Brown overnight fazezone renewal – it’s fab fab fab, light and refreshing which is hard to find in a nightcream.

    But that’s pricey so I’ve found No7 actually do nice nightcreams. for about €20

  • sarah says:

    never heard of it.. excuse my ignorance!

    However…. I am horrified at the thought of not using a night cream..id feel my skin would be very tight and dry etc…

    I was told though that if you want to heal any spots etc to leave it off those areas at night…so there may be something in it alright……..

  • glittergirl says:

    I never use a night cream as my skin is oily and it’s even worse when I use something on it.

    The Molton Brown sounds nice might try that one out. Is it oily at all?

  • Rachelle says:

    I use Elizabeth Ardens Good Night Sleep night cream.
    It smells yummers & skin is velvety smooth when you wake up. It is a little bit heavy so i wouldnt recommend for anyone with oily skin.

  • kirstie says:

    I’m using elave’s dermo cosmetic one at the moment, I have a review of it ready to go!

  • cathyfly says:

    Elave one sounds fab Kirstie, just read the review, but – ouch – a bit pricey!

  • Admin says:

    It’s really good though! The glycolic acid in it is what makes it – and it’s not heavy or greasy either. It makes you look younger while you sleep! I mean, this product was made for lazy old me!

  • mymy says:

    I use Avons Hydrofirming Night Cream, have done for years & I find it brill. It is heavy but that suits my v v dry skin. When I remember to use it :O I always find my skin really soft the next morning.

    I have left it and some cleanser in the top drawer of my bedside locker in the hope I’ll use it everynight when I’m lying in bed watching telly!! :)

  • Admin says:

    mymy – you’re a woman after my own heart! At my side of the bed live a selection of products including one of my many tubes of 8 hour cream and handcream (currently an elave one also) which get slathered on before lights out.

  • Aphrodite says:

    Mum snaffled the elave handcream on me – and from all reports she is loving it… I want it back!

  • Admin says:

    it’s VG – and my hands are in ribbons so I don’t say this lightly.

  • glittergirl says:

    Think I might try the elave night cream after reading your review – no harm in some wrinkle busting after lights out.

  • Bronagh says:

    I have the Molton Brown overnight Facezone Renewal. I find it great. I really need a recommendation for a good night-time eye cream. I’d like something a bit richer in texture as I don’t have to fire makeup over it. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Aphrodite says:

    Bronagh I’m using Elizabeth Arden Ceramide eyecream at the moment and I can totally recommend it. Its creamy and has a gorgeous texture – if you like the Molton Brown I bet you’ll like this too

  • Bee says:

    Thanks! Will try out that eye cream. I see Clinique are bring out a rich version of All About Eyes so might consider that also with the bonus coming up…

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