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What’s in YOUR Makeup Bag?

By | June 7 2007 | 12 Comments crab

Much like the Capital One Crab (I love him, he’s so vigilant against fraud. I only wish he lived in my pocket to nip me hard every time I swipe the plastic), we want to know what’s in YOUR makeup bag – or your bathroom cabinet if you prefer.

So we thought it’d be a laugh if you were to send us in a pic of your slap/favourite products (warts and all, please) plus a description of what’s in there, and we can all have a little natter about the contents.

We’ve seen this done on other blogs and it’s such good fun – you get to show off your fab purchases and must have beauty essentials, and we all get to share the knowledge. Send your snap (as high res as you can manage if you purlease) and your description to We’ll be posting them up regularly, so get sendin’.

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