Weekend Blather!

By Aisling | December 22 2007 | 27 Comments

Oh it’s the weekend before Christmas. Tra la la. Still time for me to run madly around the shops like a crazy loon picking up something – anything to give to people! And then clean the house and do a big shop in Tesco.

And then… relax…

What are your plans this weekend?


27 Replies to "Weekend Blather!"

  • Speccy says:

    fed up cleaning already- time for make up shoppong methinks…

  • Aisling Aphrodite says:

    me too – I’ve been tidying up for oh fifteen minutes now AND I’M FED UP ALREADY!!

  • Red says:

    Uughhhhhhh! Would love a day of doing NOTHING but still have shopping to do… beginning to feel a bit bah-humbug!

    and to top it off my skin is in flithers!

  • Atomic_Blonde says:

    Hi all! Had my xmas party last night and im feeling great today. No hangover. Very pleased with myself!

    All my xmas shopping is done so im havin a lazy day on sofa :)

    Coming home this morning i came across a terrible road crash, oh was horrible. I hope to god the 2 people in car are ok. i could still see them in it with paramadics, the car was in 2 pieces. cant get it out of my head :(

  • Atomic_Blonde says:

    Hi all…dunno where my comment went, but hi everyone! :)

  • Louise says:

    Thats dreadful Atomic, I am heading into town now with the hubby n kids to go for lunch and to soak up the atmosphere we have all our shopping done. Might go to see santa again this time in Arnotts and then go to see the lights on Grafton street this evening heard they are fab.

  • Asho BDB says:

    I’m in the back of my sister’s car underneath a pile of blankets with my mother’s cat (Christmas always finds a way to regress me to 7 year old me). Of course this is a fantastic opportunity to pluck the rogue eyebrow hairs that have snuck up on me over the past hectic two days. Every cloud and all that!

  • Atomic_Blonde says:

    That sounds like a lovely evening Louise!
    id love to walk around town with bf but he works in retail so never has time off :(

  • eyelash says:

    god i’m the only one working boo hoo!! counting down the minutes to half five here then home dins and out the door to meet up with friends home for the christmas can’t wait i have all my flippin wrappin to do tomor the joys!!! would love to be strollin around town now soakin it all up.

  • Tiptoe Shortbread says:

    Christmas shopping – done
    House tidy – so not happening tee hee
    Mine Pies – Done
    Christmas cake decorated – done

    Am all finished so all that’s left to do is eat and drink and be merry (or worse)!!!

    Ho ho ho everyone

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