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Virtuose is Literally Brilliant

By | September 21 2007 | 21 Comments


Oh girlies, I have a treat for you. It’s Friday, so I’ve been saving this one up. We all love mascara, don’t we? More than any other beauty product, this is the one women long to get right, and much like the hunt for a Mr (or Mrs right), we spend a lot of time searching for the right one. Along the way, you have to try a lot of crap – but girls, all it takes is just that one little time when it works, and you know you’ve found the one.

While I’m not fickle in matters of the heart, I am a slattern when it comes to mascara. And I’ve a new love, ladies. It’s Lancome Virtuose, and sit tight there and let me tell you a thing or two about it.

It’s so good. Everything about this product is great – the packaging is lovely shape that’s comfy to hold, it’s got blacker than black mascara-gunk with lots of high-tech things that make it do wonderful stuff, but it’s the brush that’s most remarkable. It actually looks a bit worn down, like a much loved hairbrush, but therin lies its genius.

Because the bristles are variegated in size all over the wand, it coats brilliantly, because it gets in and around the lashes so well. And because it’s curved, it’s really easy to curl lashes up amazingly well – the special MemoryCurl ingredient helps with that too. Treat yourselves gals, it’s the weekend, and I think you’re all worth €24.50, don’t you?

So, it’s offical. I’m in love – I’ve found The One.

For now.

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