Velcro Rollers: Hair Rollermania!

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I blogged the other day about getting Dreamgirls Hair and lots of you responded. Ah I knew my lasses would approve!

I mentioned that I’d bought some rollers in Boots and while they’ll do the job, they’re not quite as fat as I’d like. They also seem a little flimsy, but they’re not really going to get a massive amount of use, so I’m sure they’ll hold up just fine.

But if I’d waited, I would have gone for the Ceramic Thermal Rollers on the HQhair site. They’re available in a much better choice of sizes than Boots has. You can go up to 6.8cm which would give you a really good dose of lift and volume. The ones I bought were the biggest in the shop, but they weren’t as big as that, so I may invest once I’ve had a good old go of my own at the weekend. These ones I’ve found on HQhair also have a ceramic coated aluminum sheet that improves heating properties, so if you blow dry with them in, you’ll get a really good result.

They’re well priced too – 2 6.8cm rollers will cost you only €5.75. You’ll get 4 3.6cm ones for the same price, but they’ll obviously give you a tighter curl.

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12 Replies to "Velcro Rollers: Hair Rollermania!"

  • Bunny says:

    Thanks Kirstie. I am definitely going to order these. I have the velcro rollers and have tried with them loads of times but I can never seem to get the volume I need (fine, long hair). I believe it really helps if you use loads of spray on the curls as you take them out. You know I prefer using natural products – do you know of any natural, good hairsprays???

  • Ava says:

    My hairdresser did the bouffant look on me recently too and I loved it – would the ceramic rollers be much better than the standard velcro? Has anyone tried heated rollers??

  • Admin says:

    Bunny – try using some batiste or a thickening spray before you curl to give the rollers some grip. also rolling freshly washed hair isn’t always such a hot idea – hair that’s a day or so unwashed is usually easier to style.

  • LaLa-Murph says:

    anyone know how best to get a 60’s style high hair at the back of a bob????? do i back-comb or would these rollers do it ?? getting my hair done nxt thursday so i can beg the hairdresser fo tips!!

  • Mary says:

    i back combed mine a few weeks ago and threw an alice band on it and hey presto it worked! nice 60’s hair flicked it out at the ends with the straightener and it held for the night

  • LaLa-Murph says:

    how did u back-comb it without it getting knotty and tangled….prob obvious but im BRUTAl with hair!!

  • Ava says:

    Sounds fab Mary!!

  • Mary says:

    The perfect comb to use is a “tail-comb” which has closely positioned teeth at one end, and a long thin pointed handle which can be used to section and tease the hair.

    Comb your hair into the style you want and then start back-combing at the front of the area you need height, in small, straight sections using the tail of the comb. Start at the root pushing the hair right down towards the scalp and slowly work up towards the tips of the hair. The more height you want, the further up you need to do, but about 6cm or 2 inches of back combing on each section is quite far enough. Take another section behind this and continue as far back as you think you need. When you’ve finished all of the sections, lift them back into place, separate the back-combing by pulling it apart a little with your fingers, and begin “teasing” the hair into place by doing the following: Comb out the top layer ever so slightly and gently to make the top look nice and neat, but don’t press on too hard or comb out too deeply or you’ll loose the back combing. If you’re scared of combing all your work out, just lightly brush the top layer with a soft bristle brush. To add extra height, or to fix any areas you’ve squashed , push the tail of the comb into/underneath the back-combing and carefully push/lift the hair up. Style the rest of the hair however you want and then spray with a film of hairspray and you’ve finished.

  • LaLa-Murph says:

    ooooohhh!! thanx a million Mary….will have to print that off….very detailed instructions….will prob still go wrong but have a better chance now!!!

  • Mary says:

    took me a few times to get it rite! my friend is a hairdresser so got the tips from her!! good luck with it

  • LaLa-Murph says:

    oh to have a hairdresser friend!!

  • Mary says:

    i no she just does colours no cuts but she is bril for a blow dry of any description and GHD curls!!

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