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Dior’s Diorissme palette is new for Autumn / Winter and it comes in two varieties – this is actually the least nice one and all. The other is all yummy and pink – though to be fair, you’d get more use out of it. It’s encased in pink leather and silver hardware, and is a nice chunky little piece that’s a lot more handbag-alike than an item of makeup.

Diorissme in shops now, and each one will set you back €52.

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9 Replies to "New Season Dior Palette"

  • Tiptoe shortbread says:

    this is seriously pretty what are the colours like in the other one does anyone know?

  • PinkPanther says:

    Went in to get this on Saturday and the one on display had a broken clasp which turned me right off buying it. Looked a bit cheap and tragic

  • Seal says:

    Tippy, I think the other palette is a blue case and has more muted browns and greys…….i think…… The fact I saw it on Sunday and already don’t remember it is probably not a great sign..?!

  • Corina says:

    Hi Girls,
    Can anyone recommend a good tinted moisturiser? Off on hols soon and don’t want to bother with foundation, just want something to even out skintone when we go out of an evening!! Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Admin says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re both pink and the other one contains mostly PINKS, as indicated above!!

  • Admin says:

    corina – ask in blather, we like to keep posts on topic, but blather is a great auld free for all and you can ask all and anything in it – and you';ll get loads of help too

  • MontyC says:

    I was going to buy this until I saw it ‘in the flesh’ so to speak.

    Didn’t really do it for me.

    Was far more excited about the new Chanel and YSL ranges

  • Tiptoe shortbread says:

    ah won’t be bothered so, don’t really need more eyeshadows anywho

  • Lilo says:

    I have seen this in store and sorry to say it does look a bit cheap…I think its the pink plastic looking case that dooms it.

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