Imedeen – Ime-whaaa?

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We had a post the other day about Danone’s new Essensis product, a yoghurt and probiotic drink that claims to be a dermonutrition solution that will have a positive impact on the skin. You lot were sceptical, but in fact it’s not necessarily a new concept.

Imedeen, a very popular (and pricey) supplement claims to do the same thing. They say that their “unique combination of natural marine fish extract, vitamin C and zinc helps to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out“, and “with regular use, Imedeen helps give the skin’s surface a clearer and more radiant appearance and maintain its ability to bind moisture“.

You should have glowing, soft skin after taking a course of 2 tablets per day for the recommended 12 weeks. And at about €50 for 60 tablets, I wonder would an auld microdermabrasion treatment at your nearest reputable salon not have the same visual effect?

Let us know your thoughts – have any of you tried Imedeen, and if so, what did you think?

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17 Replies to "Imedeen – Ime-whaaa?"

  • montagne says:

    Ive never tried Imedeen but for me, Zinc and Vitamin C work wonders.

  • baby in a corner says:

    i always wondered was this any good- i’d be interested in trying it tho. my sis swears by taking vitamin E capsules for good skin

  • montagne says:

    I rub vitamin e oil on my face at night if my skin needs a pick me up.

  • fionah says:

    i was going to try them but i kept hearing horror stories of weight gain every time i mentioned them. seemingly they increase your appitite.i m not really willing to take that chance.

  • Bee says:

    I think this is the one I tried and didn’t find it any good.

  • Lynnie says:

    I used the Imedeen tan enhancer capsules, you are supposed to take them before you go on your hols & then during sun exposure to prepare your skin & help you develop a golden tan that lasts.

    They. Were. Sh!te.

    Made no difference to me whatsoever, & I followed the instructions to the letter. Wouldn’t buy anything else this crowd makes as a result!

  • Bee says:

    Aha, I used the tan ones too and agree with Lynnie.

  • Jules says:

    I’ve used Perfectil and that was no great shakes. Can’t imagine Imedeen is any better.

    I’ve been taking Omega-3 and Vit. B supplements for the past six months and my hair and skin are in much better condition AND those supplements are only about 8 euro each.

  • djcarlos says:

    I tried Perfectil too and didn’t find it made any difference. I don’t think anything seems to really though it’s always kind of bad, not terrible but never good! Tried evening primrose capsules too. Although Jules those Omega-3 and Vit B sound good..

  • Carmel Doyle says:

    Have thought about the Imeeden price put me off. Have tried Perfectil and no big difference. I think the cod liver oil works as well and certainly is a lot cheaper.

  • Cass says:

    Try cod liver oil just as good

  • Kitty in the City says:

    Was just about to splurge on Imeeden but thankfully rememebered to consult the oracle that is Beaut. Haven’t tried cod liver oil but after 5 months on B complex my nails are still as weak as ever.

  • goddessofthesand says:

    im using tathione 307 manufactured in japan, ive been taking it for 3 months, i saw visible results within 2 weeks, and my friends always tell me, that im glowing. mind you, this is not glutathione, this is also an antioxidant but one of the side effects is that your akin will become fairer or lighter, though i already have a fair skin, in short it just makes my skin glow somehow

  • sasha aki says:

    I have been using imedeen time perfection for 75 days now and already I think it has made wonders for my skin. My skin is supple and moist and allergy free and glowing. Everyone has been making comments such as “you are looking younger” or “more relaxed” or “good” . I highly recommend it!! If you think about it the price is not so bad considering that you will no longer need to buy all those expensive anti wrinkle and firming facial creams either as one really fixes the problem from within.

  • Cici says:

    have been taking this for 2 months now, no noticeable results and 50 euro less in the bank account :(

  • Cita says:

    I had a bad/severe reaction to Imedeen years ago and still have the scars to prove it. I was diagnosed with cystic acne which I never had prior to using this product. At the time I didn’t know I was allergic to shellfish but now there is a warning to this effect. The product is highly concentrated with fish protein and who knows what the mix is because it isn’t even listed the last time I checked. The cysts also came out on my legs and buttocks very bad. Quite a nightmare that I had to deal with over the years. I know someone who said her skin turned yellow so she stopped using it. After doing some research on the internet-a medline site I read someone had an extremely serious reaction and was in the ICU and almost died. So as you must realize I would highly discourage it’s use.

    • Elaine Hurford says:

      I will never ever risk taking Imedeen! I am allergic to shellfish and their labelling is extremely vague and carries no warning. They applied to the FDA to be exempt from such warnings which they do however carry on their website to cover themselves I suppose against lawsuits. Talk about double standards! If you are allergic to shellfish – and perhaps even just any fish – NEVER take a supplement called Coral Calcium! Coral is built up by mmillenia of marine deposits including fish and shellfish.

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