Fancy a Makeover?

By | January 3 2007 | 18 Comments

Well, here’s your chance! RTE’s The Afternoon Show got in touch with us to ask if any of our readers would be interested in getting a makeover!! Read on to find out more:

The Afternoon Show is revamping our Fashion & Beauty format and we want you to be a part of it! Were looking for new recruits who will be a part of an exclusive panel to find out what are the best styles to suit a range of shapes and sizes.

If you want to be one of the lucky women to get one to one shopping and style advise from our enthusiastic experts and in the meantime help all those other women out there who are the same size as you then get in touch today.

Are you sick and tired of your old hair style but too afraid of change? Well have no fear the Afternoon Show is here and we want to change your hair and your life forever! We’ve got some of the top hair stylists in Ireland who are ready and willing to take on the challenge.

So if you want the chance of a lifetime to be part of our show then get in touch today. Send us an email telling us about yourself and the reason why you think you deserve it to don’t forget to include a day time phone number and attach a recent photo of yourself.

Alternatively you can write to:

Kelly Barnes
The Afternoon Show
Montrose House
Dublin 4

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18 Replies to "Fancy a Makeover?"

  • sarah says:

    wow!! thats a great opportunity isnt it!!
    I think I will apply!! anyone else applying??? Im not sure about being on tv though………….

  • Mary says:

    I would love to apply but i know i just wouldnt be able to handle the whole TV thing!!! its a great idea though.

  • sarah says:

    Ya Im the same…….it there was no TV part i’d be there with bells on tearing eyes out to get my place hehe but the TV thing is a big no no me thinks……the only saving grace is that it is afternoon tv so most people would be in work………..

  • Mary says:

    i no i thought of that sarah its on at a pretty decent time!! I love watching all the make overs on off the rails and all that, but the humilitation of showin all me warts and flaws to the nation!!!!! Go on sarah go for it ill be cheering you all the way :)

  • sarah says:

    no!!!!! it would be like being on Trinny & Susannah…….i’d never get a date again!!!!

  • Mary says:

    hahaha thats exactly what im thinking about myself!!!!!! Cringe!

  • Zita says:

    I’d be an awful candidate for a make-over show. If I showed up all the experts would be like “Oh wow Zita, you’ve totally got it covered. You don’t need our help at all. Fair play” and I’d be all like “Yeah, I know.”

  • sarah says:

    nothing like a bit of confindence eh !!!!

  • beautfan says:

    I wouldn’t mind one but I’m often not too impressed with the end result – I can see myself the whole time saying ‘I’m not wearing that’.

    The whole tv thing comes at a very high price – I always feel sorry for the ones on ‘Off the rails’when they have to to a kinda of dance afterwards.

  • Aisling Aphrodite says:

    The Afternoon Show always does their makeover and style advice items really well I think though – the total opposite to the Trinny & Susanah style! Oh do go for it girls – just think of the fab (free!) advice you’d be getting!!

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