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Crazy Beauty Inventions

By | February 10 2007 | 2 Comments

neck stretcher

When the words ‘crazy’ and ‘invention’ are mentioned, I immediately think of the Japanese. Socks for cats so they do the dusting for you; small umbrellas you stick atop your head and demented toilets that do things no toilet should rightfully do – all these, and more, were invented in Japan-Land.

So it’s entirely right and proper that they’ve also cornered the market in loony beauty gadgets. Worried that your mouth is too fat? No problem, just slip on the Side Mouth Toner and get rid of lip based wobble worries. If you’re equally concerned about having a fat or short neck (or both) then you can try out the Slim Neck Piece, The Neck Stretcher or the Jawline Slimmer.

Head over to for some more gadgets and a bit of a giggle.

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