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We’ve been discussing the dreaded c word a good bit recently, and in a comment on a post about an Elemis body brush, reader Bee raved about the Body Shop’s Body Focus Cellulite Serum. It’s a “lightweight gel, with effective ingredients and innovative technology, that sinks into the skin to improve the orange-peel appearance caused by cellulite“, say our pals at the Body Shop. It’s clinically proven, which means they trialled it – always a good thing to look for, especially in a product like this, and you should see results in the usual six weeks.

So, we know it’s clinically proven which is great – but that doesn’t always translate into good user experiences unfortunately. What did Bee think of it? She says she would definitely recommend it, and she reckons it’s like Deep Heat – “makes your legs tingle like be-jaysus, and has caffine and mint – key ingredients to reduce cellulite“. She went on to tell us that she also “saw a review of it on the Afternoon Show and yer one gave it 10/10“.

Ace! Get yours from the Body Shop for about €24.

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14 Replies to "Body Shop Anti-cellulite stuff"

  • Tiptoe shortbread says:

    ooooooo sounds great

    Matis do something like this called ice cold slimming and it’s SO minty! The tingle factor alone has to work!

  • girlfriday says:

    That Body Shop stuff looks good. One great anti-cellulite product is the iconic Fat Girl Slim by Bliss. I have certainly noticed a big improvement when using this product in conjunction with MBT shoes. I don’t know if it is the product or the shoes, but the combination certainly works. I don’t think any product on it’s own can be a magic cure for the dreaded cellulite. You really need to body brush and work those ass muscles to see any difference.

  • star says:

    This really sounds like something that might work. Must put it on my really long list of things to get.

  • sarah says:

    for cellulite nothing works as well as deep massage with a good dead sea salt scrub…. the areas affected just need to be broken down its simple as that!! no wonder creams will work its the action behin them that works not the actual cream!!

  • Lilo says:

    I have heard that toning belts help with cellulite …. does anyone know if this is true or just a myth!?

  • clairebear says:

    hmmm… was thinking of getting the fat girl slim but this one looks good too… what to do?? :)

  • SJP's Mole says:

    Is anyone else kinda afraid of getting a product with “CELLULITE” across it in large letters in case visitors see it? And realise without ever having seen your thighs that you have tons of cellulite? :oops: I live in an apartment which means one bathroom and only one place to put all these products. I know whenever I’m using the loo in friends flats that when you’re sitting there tinkling, your eye does tend to alight on whatever is hanging around. What if they spy my cellulite cream?! 8O

  • jill says:

    leave marbles in your medicine cabinet. then if mates go snooping you’ll know all about it. and they’ll be so morto they’ll forgot about cellulite creams etc.

    read that tip in a review of this book that i want:

  • eimear says:

    great tip jill!!!

  • lucy says:

    Sometimes I’m soooo slooooow….I was about to type..but whats so morto about marbles….had another think about it and copped on!
    That IS a good tip!

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