Diet Diaries: Mary’s Plan

By Aisling | June 5 2007 | 14 Comments

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Mary’s eating plan is well known to regulars and she’s always being asked for the details. She’s successfully lost the weight she wanted to with this simple and healthy eating plan which one of the trainers at her gym gave to her. After years of yo-yo dieting this has worked – no tricks, no gimmicks, no shakes, diet clubs or points plans. Combined with regular exercise she’s maintaining her weight loss. Go Mary!

7.30am Weetabix, porridge or Bran Flakes

10.30am Apple and yogurt

1pm Brown bread with soup or a healthy wrap (Mary likes McCambridge brown bread)

4pm Yogurt and banana

6pm Meat, vegetables and potatoes OR a stir fry with brown rice or noodles (oyster sauce if you like it)
Eat as much grilled meat or fish as you like and as much veg as you like. A portion of potatoes should fit in your hand and no more.

  • N.B. DrinK 2 litres of water throughout the day
  • Try not to eat after 7pm. If you have to eat after 7 then try to swop your meals around – have dinner at lunch time and lunch at dinner time.
  • 2-3 days a week try not eat carbs at dinner
  • The only things you can’t eat are white bread and mayo!
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14 Replies to " Diet Diaries: Mary’s Plan"

  • Glitterkitty says:

    this is such a simple eating plan!
    recently i’ve been making an effort to cut out all the crap that i eat…
    however, with a little willpower, i found myself being able to resist things that i know i shouldn’t be eating!

    i’m desperate for getting a bag of crisps at lunchtime..
    ususal thing.. trudge down to sambo shop, buy same sambo as yesterday and throw in a bag of crisps for after..
    but 2 mins of willpower while out and about and i come back without crips.. and as i’m pretty busy in work, i don’t really have a chance to go down to the shop again later..

    believe me, i’m such a person for saying ‘f*ckit’ and thinking one bag of crisps or one bar of chocolate doesn’t matter… or that a takeout tonight won’t count.. but i’ve really got out of the habit of doing any of those!
    and that’s it! get out of the habit of buying the things you now you shouldn’t and you’ll actually forget about them!
    ok, not for like, ever!
    but so much of how and what we eat is through habit

    and with this diet plan, you can choose to eat whatever really, just follow the simple guidelines!

  • Mary says:

    yea glitterkitty wat ya said makes sense. i always treat myself if i feel like it id go mad otherwise. but make sensible choices wen you can and exercise and it works! diets never worked for me.

  • liitlesis says:

    your diet sounds great. Fair play to you for sticking to it!
    Do you watch what you drink as well?

  • Mary says:

    littlesis i dont drink minerals i just dotn like them! i love cranberry juice so i drink loads of that and water and sometimes id have mi wadi. re alcohol i drink bud or coors light ona night out and go mad on shots!! and vodka! i dotn count calories in alcohol nights out are for goin mad!!!

  • lucy says:

    Mary, thats a healthy eating plan and I second eating a larger meal at lunchtime and something lighter in the evening, you really notice the difference – you sleep better and wake up with a healthy appetite for breakfast, which nobody should skip, no matter how pushed for time. A healthy breakfast is absolutely essential after 6-8 hours of sleep. The cells and systems of the body need to be refuelled BEFORE we start rushing around and getting on with the day. Its the only way to kick-start the metabolism and get the digestive system in gear to burn off the calories we eat throughout the day.

    Glitterkitty, I’m so happy to hear that you were able to cut out that bag-of-crisps-a-day habit. According to research into school lunches in the UK it was found that eating a bag of crisps a day (and many people would eat 2-3 a day) over one year is the equivalent of drinking up to 3 litres of oil!!! And imagine the effects of that much oil in a body, young and older alike, that gets little or no exercise! Brutal cholesterol levels I would imagine, never mind atrocious cellulite etc. We really do have to watch what we eat and, more importantly, what we provide as food for our kids too.

  • dhyana says:

    Hi Mary,

    What do you cook for your carb free dinners?, its hard to come up with interesting recipes you actually want to eat that are also good for you.

  • Mary says:

    dyhanna id have an omlette with loads of veg stir fryed. or a steak done on the g foreman with loads of veg….i normally ony skip the carbs 1 day a week unless ive had a really unhealthy weekend and i want to make up for it then ill do 3days no carbs!

  • Lmc says:

    Mary, how much weight did you loose and how quick did you start to notice a difference, i see all these diets “loose a stone in a month or in 6 weeks” and i just feel like nothing i do works i would love to loose 2 stone

  • Mary says:

    Lmc i lost 14 lbs. i started into it on 7th jan and i lost it all by april. so it took 3mts to loose it. i was in florida for 2wks in may ate likea horse and didnt put up a pound and i believe the reason for it was coz i had lost the weight not by dieting but by exercising and being sensible wit what i ate therefore i didnt pile it back on again. i dont belive in diets and never did.

  • Mary says:

    Someone told me recently a packet of crisps takes 50 days to go through your system!

  • dweedles says:

    Hello All, Do any of ye 40 gals ( come on,I know ye’re out there) find it harder and harder to keep the weight off. I have put on an extra 10 lbs in the past year and I have tried and tried to shift it and am having no luck. I eat really healthily and try to avoid sugar at all costs. I even read food labels for any sugar/fructose/dextrose added. I eat breakfast every morning, emphasis on wholegrain foods. I never eat white carbs – potatoes, pasta and I would rather starve than eat white bread. It’s so frustrating. My wardrobe is full of clothes that do not fit and …wait for it…I’m still buting clothes in my old size thinking I’ll fir into them soon. Pathetic or what???

  • Gilly says:

    Mary..thats a great plan.. the Weight Watcher in me was adding up the points! Am aiming to lose half a stone in June so going to try this.. Can I copy and paste this on another forum i use..there is a group of us on a challange, but dont go for fads at all??

  • ganabol says:

    Mary, THANKYOU! Ive been guilty of trying all sorts of programs recently, lemonade diets, water diets, no carbs, etc, you name it, ive tried it.
    i found your article about a month ago, and it was just as i had been told to do right at the beginning, its basic, but its accurate.
    Ive been doing it for a month now and ive already lost 12pounds.
    Ive not lost that amount of weight on any other diet i have been on.
    thankyou Mary, for taking me back to the basics that work so much better than the rest!

  • E. says:

    Love the simplicity of this, and thinking of giving it a go. Are you still on here Mary? How are you faring these days?

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