Ask & You Shall Recieve: Is it OK to Mix and Match Skincare?

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Rachel asked, “I’m wondering do people use loads of different bits of skincare ranges according to what they like or do they use all the one range? I have always used an entire range as far back as I can remember even when I was 16 and using Simple

It’s an interesting question actually and I think a lot of people are confused about it. In general, we’re told that products in a range are designed to work in harmony with each other, and so you should only use them together. But that doesn’t always take into account the huge variations that can exist with people – we don’t all happily fall into camps of normal skin, normal to dry, oily, and so on. So an entire range might not suit you, or there may be bits in it (like a toner) that you just don’t want to use.

I’ve asked the pros about this before and the general concensus is that if it’s a supermarket brand or something fairly cheap, then mixing and matching is absolutely grand. But if you’re using skincare with active ingredients like retinol or glycolics, such as the umpteen Dr brands on the market, then you should stick to the products in the range because they really, absolutely are designed to work together, and missing out steps or products may impact on the results you get.

So, if you want to mix your Nivea with your Simple – do! But maybe leave Dr Murad to do his work all on his own.

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64 Replies to "Ask & You Shall Recieve: Is it OK to Mix and Match Skincare?"

  • dollymix says:

    This is a really interesting one actually. I usually do mix’n’match a bit, but I often wondered if I’d be better sticking to one whole range at a time.

  • Tiptoe shortbread says:

    oooooooooooo you did receive my email, wasn’t harassing you to put it up so soon but thanks a million!!!

    The reasoning behind my question is that I’m about to change my skincare cos Dermalogica is doing absolutely nothing for my skin and I have samples of a few different bits.

    I am considering Normaderm anyway but got Decleor samples on Tuesday and my skin has calmed enough since I started it on Tuesday night for the husbag to comment, am afraid he’s going to jinx it though and it’s too good to be true!!!!

    Jesus am rambling, sorry girls, dying to hear your opinions

  • Cleopatra says:

    Well after my skin analysis, i purchased a few Environ things, am going to use up what i have ( lancome etc) and then buy more of the Environ range. their main ingredient is Vitamin A…

  • Admin says:

    cleo – vit a is retinol, amazing stuff! that environ range is fab, so it is.

  • Cleopatra says:

    I got the Debut moisturiser and RAD spf and clay ech mask. it was freaky looking at the different elements of skin! THey are doing the skin analysis today as well..

    what have you used?

  • baby in a corner says:

    good question tiptoe- you’ve revealed your real name now though!! ;) i use lancome cleanser, liz earle toner and dior moisturiser. this is because i’m a total product wh*re and love trying out new things. also i tend to run out of things at different times and then just replace them with whatever takes my fancy

  • gingerfire says:

    My take on the skin care thing is… buy as good a product as you can afford, ie. don’t scrimp on the moisturizer, but u can go easy on the things like toner (rosewater from the chemist is good- very gentle and won’t dry u out) I’d try to stick with a range of products, just because they usually work together, but if you prefer your current cleanser then just buy what you need…. maybe day and night creams with a good eye product in the same range and use cleaner and toner from a different range….

  • Admin says:

    cleo – I had my skin analysed under a woods lamp this week, so I got to see all my damage from sun, pigmentation etc – and I didn’t do too badly, what wth never smoking and keeping out of the sun, so I was happy with that.

    re: environ, I’ve had a facial and some small samples to try, and thought it was a fantastic, effective range.

  • Shinners says:

    Oh this is so interesting……very good question Tiptoe!!!

    I always thought the sales assistants for the bigger skincare brands were just trying to get you to spend more money when they advised you to buy the entire range of their skincare products because “because they all work in harmony with each other”‘.

    I used to think ‘sure, what difference does the cleanser make, surely one cleanser is the same as another’ and I would tend to buy cheaper cleansers, toners and then I’d splash out on the more expensive moisturiser!!!

    Ooops….maybe I was wrong!!!!

  • Townygirl says:

    I use mary cohr – i’m afraid to mix and match, although if run out of anything i use a cheap face moisturiser from boots that the boyf uses. it’s ok for a day or two, but then i notice the difference. My sister (32) uses whatevers handy in the supermarket dove, olay, tesco whatever and she has lubbly skin. although she does have regular dalphine (??) facials

  • littlesis says:

    What a great topic!

    I actually had a question about this. I am using Normaderm Cleanser and Toner after the 3 week pack.. there is also a gel wash, a daily exfoliant, a night cream, and on the spot treatment….
    how many of these things are u meant to buy to get it to work???

  • Townygirl says:

    littelsis, i think it all depends on your skin type. my beautician tells me just to cleanse tone and miosturise and nothing else. when i was (much) younger i used to have to use a face mask and a peel…

  • Tiptoe shortbread says:

    Do you not exfoliate at all Towny?

  • LMC says:

    Hi Girls thought id share my routine with you all……bare with me know ! I would class myself as having very dry skin, with a very slight oily t-zone, i use the following:

    Cleanser: Lancome Galant Confort
    Toner: Lancome Galant Confort
    Moisturiser Day: Good aul Nivea
    Moisturiser Day: Bodyshop Vitamin E Night Cream (CANT LIVE WITHOUT!)
    Eye Cream: Chanel Precision Eye Serum
    Exfoliant: Clinque Face Scrub for Men! its the only one with a bit of punch to it!

    As you can see its a mix really of all prices, i totally belive in using what suits you and what is working for your skin. I have to say the Lancome Cleanser and toner are amazing it really rehydrates as you cleanse, and before even applying moisturiser my skins feels so hydrated.

  • Bear says:

    Admin, am wondering where you your skin analysed?

  • LMC says:

    Sorry Galatee Confort!!! friday brain mush is apon me!

  • bunnybun says:

    I use the clinique 3 step & their superdefense moisturiser. Thought it was a salespersons swizz trying to get you to buy all of their products, but I have tried scrimping by using cheaper products instead of some of the clinique stuff and then used the lot and I must say using the whole lot as recommended really does make a difference to my skin.

  • baby in a corner says:

    i think if the products are ones which are very different to other ones on the market then you need to use the whole range but if its just something like a facewash or run of the mill moisturiser then you can mix and match- does that make sense!?

  • Townygirl says:

    hi tiptoe, sorry go waylayed grrr. no, i used to and my skin got so dry it was painful. beautician does it for me every 5 weeks during the faical and my skin never been better. weird or what!!

  • Townygirl says:

    baby yeah i think that makes sense. my sister does that

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