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Ten Years Younger

By | October 20 2006 | 2 Comments

Is it just me, or does Nicky Hambleton-Jones look way older than she is? And I really do feel that someone wearing a GODAWFUL pair of cowboy boots with a knee length skirt should not be allowed to give fashion advice to anyone, even if they have let themselves go completely.

I’m in about 40 minds about this programme. Nicky gets some poor cow each week, says tons of mean things about her, TO HER FACE, and then asks a panel of ‘experts’ what they will do with her. They say the same things every week! Last night, the makeup expert said her contribution to transforming the appearance of the woman in question would be to ‘use some long lasting lipstick’. Amazing. Wonderful advice. I was waiting for the rest of it, but no, that was apparently all she was going to do. Then they did some plastic surgery on her and cut her hair. Then mad Nicky got let loose on her, and her contribution to improving this womans appearance was to dress her in a TIE DYE GYPSY SKIRT (the horror!) and a pair of boots which would be more at home on a building site.

It’s no Paisean Faisean, that’s for sure.

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