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By Aisling | December 17 2006 | 10 Comments

shiseido.jpgI’ve been trying out the Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Exfoliating Discs and Super Refining Essence.
Bringing the power of science to fight time blah blah. An exceptionally safe way of exfoliating horny cells.
Super Exfoliating Discs closely mimic the skin’s natural cell exfoliation process, and act only on the surface layer.
Your skin instantly feels silkier.

Horny cells? I thought they would be somewhere else… like Mountjoy. An unfortunate choice of words.

Anyway let’s carry on regardless and get the science over with. Formulated with Bio-Exfoliderm, a triple action compound, to soften skin, boost natural exfoliation and gently polish skin.

The Super Exfoliating Disc has two different surfaces. A rougher exfoliating side and a smoother, skin polishing side. You dampen the disc (a bit like a cotton wool pad, impregnated with product) in water to release the ingredients and then rub the exfoliating side over your face. (Paying particular attention to problem areas – nose, chin etc and avoiding the delicate eye area. You know the drill.) Follow with the smooth polishing side.

And when you’ve finished buffing and polishing you apply some Super Refining Essence. This promises to saturates cells (horny or otherwise I presume) with new vitality and promote natural exfoliation. It’s a dense gel that you smooth over your face before bed.

And the results? Well you can only use the discs once a week. So it was after the second time I used them that I did notice a difference. My skin did feel smoother and more refined. But if I’m honest I have used less expensive exfoliating products that were equally good I felt. So it’s up to you – both of these together are lovely products and very luxurious, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. But would I buy them again? Nah.

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10 Replies to "Shiseido Bio Performance"

  • Admin says:

    also a full treatment course of these lads is €140 – kinda expensive

  • Aphrodite says:

    yeah exactly – it’s good, but I don’t think it’s THAT good

  • sarah says:

    I use the neutrogena exfoliating pads that exfoliate on one side and moisturise on the other, they leave skin really silky too and only cost bout €7 in any Dunnes, Boots etc… Ill get the proper name tonight if anyone is interested….

  • Admin says:

    PureGlow? Oh, we’ve had a go of (and at) those already! I like to refer to them as PureNonsense!

  • sarah says:

    Im back…….. They are NEUTROGENA PureGlow Daily Cleansing Cushions………. defo worth using after a big night on the town or a late one..

  • sarah says:

    I guess everyone is different…….they sure work for me anyway

  • Admin says:

    Oh yeah there’s nothing bad about them it’s just that the claims they make for them – salon facial and all that, are hilarious. I mean they clean your face and all for sure, but they’re not like getting a salon facial no matter what neutrogena say!

  • glittergirl says:

    If there’s no lying down then it’s not a facial I say!!!!!!!

  • Aphrodite says:

    listen ms admin, you’re getting too posh for your own good!

  • Aphrodite says:

    yeah they look good alright – it’s just that Neutrogena went totally overboard on the advertising! That’s my point about the Shiseido too, I think cheaper products make great exfoliaters and skin polishers, so I completely agree with you Sarah

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