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Self Tanning For Pale Skins – Palmer Cutler

By | November 28 2006 | 9 Comments

palmer cutler rangePalmer Cutler (created by Patsy ‘Bianca RICKAAYYYYY ex-Eastenders’ Palmer + friend Charlotte Cutler) is a range of skincare and self-tanning products designed specifically for for those with sensitive and pale skins. And that’s good news for us Irish folk who sadly don’t see all that much sun. Plus Palmer was inspired to start the line when she found it difficult to get products to suit her pale, freckled skin, so that should also resonate with anyone born and bred in north western Europe.

There’s nothing more glaringly fake than a copper toned permatan mid-winter – but having a natural looking glow is enviable, especially when the days are so long and dreary. So Palmer Cutler Real Tan sounds great for achieving just that. It’s a tan developer rather than a dye and it achieves natural results because it actually works with your natural skin tone to develop the perfect shade of tan for you. It’s suitable for men and women as well, and it doesn’t stink to high heaven – a big plus in my book. You can get it in three variants too – a milk, a mousse or a gel.

To get best results they recommend you use their Ginger Head and Body Cleansing Gel first, which is an active body wash gel with ginger to help keep skin glowing, thus enhancing the tan. After that you use theit the Nuts Ginger Exfoliant which contains loofah and helps to rid the skin of dead cells – it’s those cells that often cause discolouration when you apply fake tan. Once you’re silky smooth and exfoliated, you slap on some Waterchestnut Moisturiser which helps to lock in your tan. Only then should you apply your Real Tan. Phew, it’s a bit of a production!

But if it’s good enough for the Sunday Times who voted the range Winner of The Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2004, then it’s good enough for me. Less compelling is the fact that Jenny Frost, Denise Van Outen, Will Young, Sadie Frost and Victoria and David Beckham are also fans. Um, brilliant.

So if that hasn’t put you off, where can you get your mitts on Palmer Cutler products? stocks the entire range. You’ll pay £14.25 STG for a tanning gel or mousse, or £11.24 STG for the milk. The waterchestnut moisturiser and ginger exfoliant are both £6.74 STG and all orders are subject to £5 STG shipping charge to Ireland.

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