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Red Lips, High Heels, Big Hair

By | December 16 2006 | 4 Comments

besame lipstickI have totally embraced the trend for red red lips. I bleedin’ love it! I’m very ready to move on from my Rimmel Infinite Colour 2 step job which I bought to see how the shade would suit me, though. And that’s no bad thing because there are literally oodles of reds out there to try.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of red, I think of Chanel. And proper, old style movie star glamour. What I want is a blue-red as opposed to an orange-red or a brown-red. Nope, a shade with a lot of blue tones is what I’m after. Happily, that’s also conveniently what suits us northern Europeans with our pale skin, and I also want a matte finish – satin at a push, but no gloss, and definitely no sparkle.

So what’s on my wishlist? Chanel’s Rouge Noir, Lover or Sexy shades would all fit the bill, as would MAC’s original Viva Glam shade. Besame’s Enchanting Lipsticks are swooningly gorgeous and worth it for the packaging alone (see above). Happily their Besame Red shade is exactly the colour I want. Clinique’s Color Surge lipstick in Vintage Red also looks like it might well meet my exacting requirements.

Strawberrynet can oblige me with a Shiseido Matte Lipstick in Strong Red, which’ll give me a perfect starlet pout at a starlet price – it’s discounted to €14.50. I’m also tempted by Anna Sui’s Lip Color in Sui Rouge M for €18. Gorgeous packaging too. Laura Mercier’s Creme Lip Colour in Seduction is cool toned red and is yet another I’d happily pucker up for.

But all these reds will set you back a buck or 20, so do our cheapo friends have anything worth slicking on? I think Bourjois might oblige us handsomely – their Rouge Lovely range contains a shade called Rouge Best which looks like a strong contender.

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