New EU Hand Baggage Restrictions

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I just got this e-mail from Aer Lingus and I’m posting it for your information as it’ll greatly impact on our ability to be beaut.ieful during and after a flight. Boo hoo! Truly air travel is no longer the glamorous affair it used to be…

The European Union has adopted new security rules that restrict the quantity of liquids, gels and pastes passengers may carry in their cabin baggage, effective immediately.

The new rules apply to all passengers travelling from any EU airport and it’s important to familiarise yourself with these new regulations.

  1. All liquid containers must be carried in a separate clear plastic, zip-top or re-sealable bag that does not exceed 20 cm x 20 cm or one litre capacity.
  2. All items must fit in the bag comfortably and the bag must be completely sealed.
  3. There is a limit of one transparent re-sealable plastic bag per person.
  4. At the airport security search, the plastic bag must be removed from the cabin bag and x-ray screened separately.
  5. Liquids must be held in individual containers not exceeding 100ml (approximately 4 fl. Oz) and may include:
    • Suntan lotions
    • Toothpaste
    • Hair gel, hair spray
    • Perfumes
    • Liquid or aerosol deodorants
    • Cosmetics
    • Water and other drinks
    • Soups
    • Syrups
    • Any other item of similar consistency
  6. There are two exceptions to the rules:
    • Baby food needed during the flight
    • Medicines needed during the flight

Exempt items must also be placed in a separate transparent re-sealable bag and presented separately at the passenger security screening area.

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19 Replies to "New EU Hand Baggage Restrictions"

  • Shauna says:

    Yeh it’s a bit much I think – hopefully they will relax those rules in a couple of weeks??

  • Aphrodite says:

    I hope so!! I’m going through the airport soon – what will I do without my STUFF! Are we not even allowed water?

  • Admin says:

    yeah you’re allowed 100ml of water. Which is about 2 mouthfulls, or a fifth of a small bottle.

  • Shauna says:

    Hmm, that sounds like a not so subtle ploy to make you buy drinks on board…I’d say Ryanair are delighted with this devolopment!

  • cathyfly says:

    i just got back from holiday and it was weird not pulling out my makeup bag to touch my face up 10 mins from landing! ;) or having fun with ‘product’ throughout the flight…

    The only makeup-type things you can really bring are powders/bronzer & brush, lip balm (in a pot not a gloss or tube), eye shadows. Though what good are these without their liquidy counterparts?!

  • beautfan says:

    Cathfly – you mention that you can’t bring a tube of lip gloss. Are you sure as this would be less than 100ml and in my view falls under the category cosmestics – it has the same consistency as lotion. Also I sthought that you could bring your double wear as this is less than 100mls.
    I’d appreciate if this could be clarified as I’m travelling soon – its only from Galway to Cork but I’d prefer to know in advance.

  • Admin says:

    I’d suggest phoning aer lingus just to be sure to be sure.

  • prudence says:

    It’s a long auld flight from galway to cork, you’d need your lipgloss alright!

  • glittergirl says:

    I think it’s desperate I hate not being able to touch up before I land – ya have to look your best in the airport ya know!

  • Aphrodite says:

    I’m with you there dahling! We’ll all get off the plane looking like something from Tenko

  • sweet o says:

    I’m heading to Chicago next sunday, and it’s a ten hour flight – imagine the cosmetic work required on me when I land!! I’m getting up at 5.30am and arriving at O’Hare at 6pm US time. It’s a pain in the arse having to bring barely any cosmetics, but I reckon that I might survive with foundation, concealer, lip gloss, mascara and a 100ml spray face mist…

  • Aphrodite says:

    I was thinking about what Kirstie said on Phantom earlier on – its unlikely that there will be any bombs in the mac counter makeup… so can you just buy makeup in the duty free and bring that on the plane? Any excuse!

  • Admin says:

    Yeah, I mean the airport aren’t going to do themselves out of business, are they? And the last couple of times I’ve travelled doing that it has been fine. One of those times was coming back through Heathrow in August and they had the regulations on what you could carry already in place – at that point you could take nothing, not a drink or have anything much in your bag excepting a phone, passport, keys, a book. That was pretty much it. Once we got past security we could buy what we liked. I got some clarinsmen stuff for a friends birthday and we bought drinks and mags too. So it’ll be fine. Pack the majority of your things in your stowed baggage and get yourself some new stuff! What a hardship!

  • Mike says:

    I need to carry a 500 millilitre bottle of liquid medication for a 6 day visit to Italy.It is prescribed by my doctor.Would I be in trouble if I put the bottle in the case going into the hold? Will the x ray machine pick it up and would this be breaking the rules?

    Has anyone got a number or an e mail address for Aer Lingus? Have you tried to contact them by phone, one of the most frustrating things you could imagine – they just have an aversion to talking to any member of the public, you are sent around in circles by the automated answering machines,

  • Kath says:

    I would like to no, does this mean that you CAN take lip gloss in your hand luggage and onto the plane. I have two teenage daughters who just can’t live without their lipgloss. I would just like to no a.s.a.p please as we are travelling on thursday.
    Many Regards

  • Admin says:

    of course you can. it’s a rare lipgloss that’s larger than 100mls!

  • Tito Toledo says:

    Dear Shauna, Your comment caught my eye, and I sympathise. It has always been against the rules to open and drink any duty-free liquor onboard, so I doubt the airlines are rejoicing. We in the Colonies have been dealing with the plastic bag restriction for years now, and one adjusts. As I do enjoy a Bloody Mary or two onboard, I have a secret to share with you– the security screening people don’t seem to care a whit when I bring 2-3 minis of vodka in the plastic bag along with toothpaste, hotel shampoo and hand lotion, lip balm and other small items. It is for good reason that, by law, the airline crew must control alcohol consumption onboard, but I have never been questioned, even on secondary inspection, boarding with a few 50ml bottles. And here’s the best part– in coach class, a typical cocktail onboard is 7 dollars. Minis from a liquor store cost two dollars. Bloody Mary mix, orange juice, cranberry juice and sodas are, for the time being, still free on most airlines. So I am pleased to save five dollars every time I have a drink while flying! Just do please be discreet, though. Pour while the flight attendant is away, and ditch your little bottles in your bag or in the lavatory bin. Happy flying, all!

  • Tito Toledo says:

    HAHA, silly me. I just noticed that this chat is 3 years old! I Googled “EU hand luggage drinks” on October 13th, 2009 and happened pick this one to read.

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