Hot hairstyle tips for this season

By Aisling | November 21 2006 | 20 Comments

Mary is feeling daring and thinks she might go for a whole new look. She has shoulder length hair now and she asked: what is bang up to date this season?

Natasha had three strong style tips to give her:

1 Bobs are huge right now. Not necessarily a POB (though that’s a very popular style at the moment), but a blunt bob will bring you right up to date.

2. Fringes are in. Heavy fringes are really trendy this season.

3. Sixties hairstyles look great right now. This fits in perfectly with the whole fringe/bob look. Backcomb your hair and turn the ends out. Think Jean Shrimpton and you’re nearly there!

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20 Replies to "Hot hairstyle tips for this season"

  • Mary says:

    great tips Natasha. Thanks a million. Gona go bob style so not the POB but a blunt one and will keep my fringe. and now a have a new style to try out this weeknd with my Jean Shrimpton look!
    Keep up the good work girls!!!!

  • Aisling Aphrodite says:

    Cool Mary! You will look fab!

  • glittergirl says:

    I WANT A FRINGE!!! But have a damn cow’s lick as my mother calls it so it won’t sit.

    And to shame myself even more I quite like Cheryl Tweedy/Cole’s one!

  • Aisling Aphrodite says:

    I got a fringe (Natasha’s suggestion of course!) and I like it a lot – but I have the cows lick thing too – a good blast with the hairdryer usually sorts it out though!

  • Mary says:

    ive had a heavy fringe now for a while and i do like it but wasnt sure did i have a trendy enough style!!! im a big fan of fringes. its great to get good advise!

  • glittergirl says:

    Ah yes the old hairdryer – would you believe I don’t own one. I let my hair dry naturally over night which is very bad for me but good for my hair according to the hairdresser!!!

    Might invest in the lovely pink one in peter marks at the moment though………………..

  • Mary says:

    Well im an addit wen it comes to all things to do with hair. have a hair bag (dedicated to all my hair bits!) serums hair polish sprays all kinds of brushes you name it. cant wiat to try out this backcombing style and flick it out at the ends

  • jill says:

    heavy fringe: check
    slightly pobbish: check

    pobbish…what i nice word.

  • sweet o says:

    I discovered the miracle of backcombing when on holiday this week (went to a salon before a gig and they gave me a fabulous 60s updo) and have to say that it turns even my bobbed fine hair into an Audrey Hepburn-esque ‘do in a few mins flat! Long live the sixties look – I am slightly addicted to black liquid liner at the moment as well. And shift dresses. Oh, I was born in the wrong decade…

  • natasha says:

    natasha hare just a message for the girlies with cowslicks .Its ok to have a fringe with a cowslick once you keep it a heavy fringe the weight in it should hold it down and you should dry your fringe first so you dont give it a chance to stick up.when done proper can be very sexy !

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