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Central Heating, Cold Wind + Skin = BOO HOO HOO

By | November 24 2006 | 9 Comments

dermalogica barrier repairDoes the central heating play havoc with your skin? I work in a cold office with very high ceilings and in order to avoid freezing to death in the winter I have a fan heater trained at my feet all day long, in addition to the horrible storage heaters in the office. By the time I go home, my face feels like the Joker out of Batman. And that’s before I step outside and get assailed by freezing gales and icy rain. Sometimes living in Ireland is poxy.

What can I, or anyone else suffering a similar dilemma do? I think I might try Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair. It’s a clear gel that helps to soothe the ravages wrought by winter and is packed full of moisturising goodies like shea butter, evening primrose oil and vitamin C.

It’s available from from strawberrynet for €32. You should also be able to pick it up in salons nationwide.

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