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Bathing Beauty

By | October 22 2006 | 0 Comments

homer simpsonI can’t live without baths. I just love them – there really is nothing better than a delicious hot bath to cure so many ills – grumpy and stressed? Have a bath. Tired and achey? Have a bath! Period Painy? Have a bath. You’re getting the picture. I generally like mine middling hot with loads and loads of bubbles. Mostly because I don’t want to lie there in contemplation of all my wobbly bits, I want to forget about them.

Temperature is really important here. I dislike intensely the feeling of being sweaty while soaking in really hot water – that is Just Not Right. Neither is looking like Dr Zoidberg after five minutes immersion. Equally, if the water is too cold, then the bath becomes something you want to get out of, sharpish, and that is sooo not the point, darling. If the water is Just Right when you get in, then you can always top it up a bit as it cools.

Equally also not the point is having a bath for the purposes of merely getting clean. Oh no, I have the shower for that. Baths are for relaxation and pampering. Plus I generally take baths in the evening, and I want to luxuriate and wind down. I want to take my time.

Baths have just so many more advantages over showers when it comes to relaxation – you don’t have to stand, you can read a book while sipping a cup of tea AND you can listen to music or light some lovely scented candles to add to the experience.

There are just so many gorgeous bath products out there to try as well – oils, ungents, fizzing bath bombs (it’s all getting a bit Harry Potter now), scented petals, salts, bubbles and herbal soaks, to name but a few. It would be such a shame to deny oneself the chance to try them all out, wouldn’t it?

In fact, I’ve convinced myself so well of the benefits of the bath that I am off to have one right now.

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